We are a Design and Development Consultantcy

An agency that is motivated by the role we will play in your company’s success story

The Meaning Behind Our Name

The escape velocity from Earth’s surface is 11.18 km per second.

We believe that every business has an escape velocity. It’s that special point when the business begins to progress further and faster than ever before. At 1118, we chart a course with our clients to help them achieve their own escape velocity.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every client is a creative partner, every challenge and opportunity.

With a diverse and talented crew, 1118 aims to encourage creative tenacity, nurture strong connections, and promote exponential growth. Our work is your experience. We are fiercely driven to elevate you and your brand.


An Assertion of Fortitude and Accountability


For his or her ability and desire for personal growth


Of expertise, background, and experience

People Come First

We measure success by the success of our team and clients

Strategic Perspective

Enabling clients to deliver exceptional results in a sustainable manner

Value Delivered

In the form of actual, positive, and everlasting change


Long term view navigates our relationships

Social Impact

We expect our actions can make the world a better place

Over 50+ years of combined experience

Prolific leadership behind exceptional brands

We began developing apps and web platforms over a decade ago working with game-changing individuals, inspired companies, and leading brands.

Today, we deliver engaging and tailor-made interactive products and services for startups and established businesses worldwide.

Steve Hole

Steve Hole

CEO & Founder
Chris Hellman

Chris Hellman

Digital Director

Committing to your success

You want to work with people who don’t waste your time, money, or focus.  You can’t afford to follow a path that won’t get you to your end goal. We bring a strong point of view focused on helping you find the right path forward. When your success is on the line, we aren’t afraid to push back and help you re-direct. We’re here to help, from idea through launch and beyond.