Product Design

Global Brand A&P Allocation

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Executive-level clients at a global investment and wealth management firm needed to broaden their global marketing position with a focus on advertising and promotional spending

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Our Approach

A proactive investment strategy with long-term objectives

Designed and built a strategic global marketing Advertising & Promotional allocation tool with our client executives in mind, thus helping them to efficiently forecast and design their next year A&P allocations.

Stimulated organic growth within the company through increased output and production efficiency.

Optimized proprietary algorithms toward gaining the most important insights needed to best connect the brand messaging with the target audience.

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The Result

A strategic marketing tool to make the most efficient & effective decisions

Helped executives to navigate complex decisions pertaining to spending proficiency based on historical data.

Through efficiency and agility, we enabled the business to realize their strategic goals such as enhancing innovation, speed and scale, MarCom, and expense management.

This enterprise-grade platform was utilized by top retail clientele with $11B+ in revenue.