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Global Digital Marketing Platform

A Marketing Automation & Analytics Platform for a global spirits manufacturing company to track digital spending and profitability across the scope of their brands.

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Complex data structures meet omni-channel solutions

Today’s customers have sky-high expectations of personalized experiences at a scale that can’t be met without superb marketing automation.

A global spirits manufacturing company required assistance in tracking digital spending and profitability across the scope of their brands.

Without real-time dashboards and metrics, profitability reports were manually produced and lacked actionable insights.

1118 was challenged with providing a constructive method for tracking exactly how their brands were performing.

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Our Approach

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Designed and harnessed Marketing Catalysts’ distinct ability to cover an extensive range of data deriving from top social platforms. Here, we quickly uncovered the raw data and actionable insights buried within large datasets.

Funneled the collected data to reveal bigger insights and trends driving consumer behavior.

Focused the end-to-end marketing analytics platform to maximize ROI and optimize marketing efforts.

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The Result

A Successful Data-Wrangling and Analysis Suite

This marketing automation tool ensured business competitiveness while optimizing return and acting as a strategic monitoring and insights tool for clients.

We utilized its ability to track data sets and leads from source-collection to result interpretation and application, greatly expanding potential and measuring engagement at every single step of the way.